Over the years, Ralph Arza has developed a reputation on professionalism and effectiveness. Here are what others have to say about Ralph Arza and his leadership and accomplishments.

“Ralph Arza is a leader and partner in education reform.”

Former FL. Gov. Jeb Bush

“Ralph has been an invaluable part of our team at virtually every stage of my career. Most consultants can help create a plan, but what separates Ralph is his ability to follow through and execute the plan”

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

“Ralph Arza has been an avid supporter of choice and charter schools. His vision has always been to have high quality charter schools that serve the economically and disadvantaged students through innovative curriculums and delivery systems”

Robert Haag, President Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools

“Ralph and Eris Arza along with their children are active members of our parish of St. Therese de Lisieux catholic church in Wellington, Florida. The Arza family not only brings a sense of faith and fellowship to the masses they attend but, both Ralph and Eris bring that faith to our men’s and womens ministry. Their children sing in the choir and help teach the younger children in our religious education program. Our parish is truly blessed by their active presence within our faith community.”

Father Brian Lehnert
St. Therese de Lisieux Catholic Church

“Ralph Arza has been an invaluable asset in my success. I could not be where I am today without his services.”

Eric Fresen
FL. State Representative

“Representative Ralph Arza was a strong advocate for school choice during his time in the Florida Legislature and is a leader in the school reform movement for our state.”

Anitere Flores
FL. State Senator

“Ralph has been a big influence and inspiration in my life as a coach, friend and advisor.”

Javier Perez
Former Student Athelete

“I consider Coach Arza to be one of the most positive influences in my life.”

Judge Antonio Arzola
Former Student Athelete

“Whether it’s on a football field or in the political arena, Ralph is the consummate coach! He has been instrumental in helping me achieve the best outcomes for the people of Florida!”

Richard Corcoran
FL. State Representative

“Mr. Ralph Arza has been a very important role model at different junctures of my life.”

Alex Madrigal
Former Student Athelete

“Mr. Arza is like a father to me, his coaching developed me both on and off the field. I would not be where I am today without his guidance.”

Tim Harris
Former Student Athelete

“I have known Ralph for over 30 years. He’s a hard worker, a great friend, a family man, and a religious person.”

Charles Bethel
Former Coaching Colleague

“Ralph Arza is a great man. He had an even field, treating all of us as equals. The values he taught me, I now pass on to my players. He made a difference in my life and an indirect difference in all the players I have coached throughout the years.”

Toriano Brooks
Former Student Athelete

“Ralph Arza has been a positive force in my life. His coaching led me to exceed my limits both on and off the field.”

Ben Hanks
Former Student Ahtelete


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